Former New Face finalists reveal tips and tricks for aspiring models

23 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

The New Paper New Face is back for its 23rd edition. We catch up with two of the New face alumni, who will be judging the walk-in audition held at bugis+ on June 13.

Sharin Keong, 23, 2012 WInner


Although Keong is now signed with Mannequin Studios as a model, she also doubles up as a Montessori teacher.

She was last seen in the SupermodelMe television series, where she placed sixth. It is a reality series where 12 aspiring Asian models vie for a chance to launch their career in fashion.

Keong described the reality TV show as "good exposure".

"It was pretty much similar to America's Next Top Model with all the tears and drama," she said.

But as an early childhood educator, Keong said she had to be more careful with her words and actions because some of her students' parents may have watched the programme.

Keong said the mix of teaching and modelling works for her.

"Some people say that these two jobs are like heaven and hell, but I can't help it. I just love being around children and I love modelling," she said.

And now, she will be picking the girls who will have a chance to move into Round Two of this year's New Face.


"New Face created an opportunity for me to achieve my dream, which I did.

"Now, it's my turn to share what I have learnt with the new batch of hopefuls," she said.

Her advice?

"Try to be as simple as possible for the walk-in. From make-up to clothes, do not overdress.

"Most importantly, come with the attitude that you can conquer the stage."

Eunice Annabel Lim, 21, 2012 finalist


Social media star Lim has gone from the catwalk to the small screen - she will star in Channel 5's Mata Mata season 3, which will air at the end of the year.

She was also an ambassador for brands such as Sunsilk and Maybelline.

And Lim is grateful for the opportunities.

"Being in front of the camera has always been a dream of mine, and I am glad that I was given the resources and opportunities to pursue that dream, and turn it into a reality."

Her childhood dream to act became a reality when she appeared in Channel 5's docudrama series 2025 and local tele-movie The Circle House this year.

"I've worked with veteran actors like Lim Kay Tong and Amy Cheng. It was surreal because I grew up watching them on TV."

Even though she is busy working on Mata Mata and other local productions, Lim would still make time for New Face.

She said she learned a lot from her New Face experience - staying professional at all times, learning from mistakes and being adaptable.

She also learnt to put her "best face and personality forward".

These are also the values an individual needs in order to strive and succeed in the entertainment industry, she said.

"If I could do this all over again, I'd have even more fun and make as many friends as possible with the other girls.


"Even though this is a competition, it is also a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Her advice for aspiring contestants?

"Make the best out of this and create as many great memories as possible," she said.

"I understand that the audition can get really nerve-racking (all auditions are!), but try your best to not think too much about it, and don't be too hard on yourself.

"The key is to just stay calm, confident and SMILE."

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