Leanne Li labelled "alien" and told to "go back where she came from"

1 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago
Source: Jaynestars

Leanne Li and Wong Cho Lam have been in a stable relationship for nearly five years, with marriage plans in the imminent future. The couple is in a very stable relationship bound even stronger by their shared Christian values.

A very easygoing girlfriend, Leanne unexpectedly divulged details of a conflict she once had with Cho Lam at a recent church testimony. She even lamented, “I’m always the one giving in!”

Leanne also shared how her faith alleviated her loneliness and helped her stay grounded in the entertainment business.

Growing up in Canada, Leanne was initially not used to the culture and fast-paced lifestyle in Hong Kong when she relocated there in 2005 to pursue her acting career. Without her family close by, she felt lonely and homesick.

She recalled with much indignation, “There was a director who made a personal attack and said to me, ‘Leanne Li are you an alien? Go back to the planet you came from!'”

To make matters worse, Leanne’s lackluster Cantonese abilities limited her career opportunities, and she was frequently being compared with other actresses by the media.

This made Leanne very insecure, and she admitted giving in to the “the devil’s temptations” by wearing revealing clothing and generating romantic rumors with co-stars, in an attempt to further her public exposure.

Although these tactics worked, Leanne felt lost and unhappy.

Eventually, with the support of her church friends at House of Artistes, Leanne found herself again.

Leanne Li
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