First award given out for Miss Hong Kong 2014 -- and it's bagged by hot favourite contestant

22 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago
The Miss Hong Kong 2014 semi-finals will take place on August 24. The 16 candidates were introduced to the public earlier, and #11 Sofiee Ng (吳凱欣) has quickly become one of the hot favorites. Sofiee was selected for the Tourism Ambassador Award and received the award from last year’s winner, Grace Chan (陳凱琳), reports Jayne Stars.

When asked if she had any favorites in the competition so far, Grace replied, “Contestant #11’s performance has been good and I personally like #8 Jamie Lee (李汶蔚). I favor #15 Veronica Shiu (邵佩詩) because she is also from Vancouver and a genuinely sincere person from the heart.”

Favorites Are Rumor Magnets

Sofiee has been a hot favorite since the beginning of the competition. Unfortunately, a lot of rumors about her personal life have cropped up as well. A fellow flight attendant at Sofiee’s work revealed that Sofiee was only able to participate in the competition because of her director boyfriend, Nick Cheuk (卓亦謙).

In response, Sofiee had no choice but to clarify her relationship with Nick. “He is my boyfriend and he is the one who nominated me. We’ve been dating for a year. We were classmates in university, and he supports my decision in participating in Miss Hong Kong.” Sofiee added that she is not afraid of being pursued by the wealthy second generation and will think about these matters later.

Regarding plastic surgery speculation reports, Sofiee strongly denied the allegations and urged everyone to take a look at her old photos as proof. Sofiee pointed out that in an old photo, she weighed 120 pounds at the time. After dieting and dropping to her current weight of 98 pounds, Sofiee pointed out that there may be differences in her features which led to a misunderstanding.

Another favorite, #4 Maggie Chung (鍾美琪), was said to be a frequent nightclub partygoer. An insider revealed that Maggie liked one-night stands and was a home wrecker. Maggie firmly said, “I only go [to clubs] when my university friends celebrate their birthdays and rarely go out on regular basis. It’s just normal socialization. I can’t accept one-night stands and I seldom party because I have a lot of homework and have to help my mother out. And I definitely don’t have any intimate photos.”

It was revealed that #1 Jan Tse (謝芷倫) got engaged with boyfriend, IT technician Simon So (蘇文迪), at the beginning of the year and took a two-month trip to New Zealand. Jan was previously represented by a talent management agency, which violated the eligibility rules of the Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Afraid that her pageant eligibility would be questioned, Jan reportedly haggled with her agency to end her contract early. An insider revealed that Jan successfully terminated her contract on August 9, 2014 after TVB issued warning that any candidates with outstanding agency contracts will be ousted.

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