Find out why 2NE1's Sandara Park got edited out of video

26 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago
2NE1‘˜s Sandara Park shared her story of how she felt hurt by Uee in the past.
On June 25, Sandara Park was a guest on “Hwashin‘ and spoke about the rumor that she doesn’t like to work with Uee on broadcast.

She started off, “I was on ‘˜Family Outing‘˜ with Uee one time in the past,‘ and “I am an introvert and passive.

And since the show’s format required everyone to spend the night, it was even harder for me,‘ and ‘It was my first time going to a variety show by myself so I was really worried.

But my label mate Daesung from Big Bang was a fixed member of the show.

So even CEO Yang told me, ‘˜Don’t worry, Daesung will take care of you.

’ So I believed in them.

‘Sandara continued, “At the time, all of the male members of ‘˜Family Outing’ really liked Uee,‘ and “Even Daesung, who I trusted in since he was my label mate, chose Uee over me when everyone had to pick teams.

It got even harder from then.

‘Sandara Park continued, “When it was time to dance, Uee did a sexy dance.

At the time, I was wearing a hot dog costume while I danced so I got compared even more,‘ and “‘I was basically almost all edited out.

Even during the recording, I thought, ‘˜Something is not right.

’‘Afterwards, Sandara admitted that she felt depressed but felt even more blue after hearing what Yang Hyun Suk had to say.

, “He came to me and said, ‘˜Don’t be too upset when you see that you’ve been edited out a lot.

It’s because you weren’t very good.

’"I got even more depressed when I heard that,‘ she said.

Pictures 1 to 5 in the gallery show Sandara Park and her unchanging looks, while the rest of the gallery show pictures of Uee.
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