Find out what this local singer regrets when it comes to languages

2 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

She has sung in a variety of languages, from Cantonese to Korean to Spanish, but she does not know how to speak Hakka, her own dialect.This is a regret that weighs heavily on the mind of Calin Wong, 27, a member of local acappella sextet Micappella, reports The New Paper.“They probably felt that learning English and Chinese, and being effectively bilingual was more than enough,‘ she said.Madam Wong eventually mastered both languages, but feels that dialects are an important part of Singapore culture.“It’s refreshing to see people speak in different dialects,‘ she said.“Besides that being an important part of our heritage, it also adds colour to our multilingual society.‘Madam Wong was further convinced that dialects are important after staying in Shenzhen for two months last year.She was in the Chinese city when MIcappella took part in The Sing-Off China singing competition on TV and emerged as runners-up.“Aside from Mandarin, people were also speaking Shanghainese, Hokkien and Cantonese,‘ she said.“It made me realise that dialects are an important part of our culture that need to be upheld.‘

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