Female contestant in traditional costume shocks China's Got Talent judges

21 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

A female contestant on China's Got Talent shocked judges with her incredible voice, and made their jaws drop - literally.

As seen in a facebook video, Chen Juan, dressed in an elaborate tribal costume, got the judges immensely fascinated as she performed her tribe's song with flawless transition between a man's voice and a female's high pitched voice.

The audience gave rapturous applause, and even the host was shocked as there was a huge contrast between Chen Juan's image and her voice.

Chen Juan has liked singing since she was young, and was initially apprehensive about joining the contest, but decided to go for it as her friends encouraged her and said she had a unique voice.

After the performance, one of the judges even asked her to speak to them in the man's voice.

The contestant got through with all four judges saying "Yes".

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