Felicia Chin is back in Singapore after year-long internship in Shanghai

10 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

Singapore actress Felicia Chin is back in the game. After returning from a year-long internship with a media company in Shanghai this year, the fresh-faced actress will play a rugby coach in an upcoming Channel U drama called Scrum!

At a media event held at Upside Motion Yoga Studio last month, the 28-year-old was revealed as feminine-hygiene brand Whisper's product ambassador and showed off her flexibility by swinging out aerial-yoga poses, reports My Paper. 

How do you keep fit on top of your busy schedule?

I try to squeeze in time to swim at least twice a week. I've also been cycling a lot recently - real cycling, not the leisurely kind.

Constant exercise is very important. Last year, while on an internship in Shanghai, I didn't really work out because I was caught in a pressure-cooker (state) keeping up with my work and grades. (The internship was an attachment programme linked to the National University of Singapore's Bachelor of Business Administration degree.)

So, when I came back and took up a hosting job for the variety show Are You Up For It? I really suffered a lot at first. We had to try different activities all the time - ballet one week, lion dance another - and without stamina, it was really (tough).

Any tips on keeping fit?

Know the strengths and weaknesses of your body, and don't push yourself too hard.

For the variety show, we had to learn hip-hop dance. I had to do a high kick - literally, a split in the air - which I did, and ended up pulling a muscle.

It was stupid (of me), because I didn't see it coming and I didn't do warm-up exercises beforehand.

Tell us about your first aerial-yoga experience

I was a bit apprehensive at first when I saw photos of people doing aerial yoga. It looked difficult, like it could be done only by professionals.

But after trying it out, I found that it wasn't that bad, as long as you (engage) your core muscles.

It's a very good workout that really stretches out your muscles.

It's a beautiful (sport) for girls to try out. In fact, it's been so fun that I told the instructors that I'd probably like to come back for more sessions.

What aspect stood out during the session?

I like that it calms your mind.

You have to get into the moves slowly, and you cannot jerk suddenly because that will result in muscle injuries.

I have some pains in my back, knee and ankles from doing sports when I was younger. I didn't really take care of the injuries at the time, so they act up every now and then. When I was trying out aerial yoga, I felt my muscles being stretched, without too much tension (in my back and joints). It helped relieve the stress I had in those problem areas.

I like activities that can increase in difficulty. Aerial yoga is one of those. Once you get the basics right, you can try more challenging poses. You get to improve and see some variation, instead of doing the same thing all the time.

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