Faye Wong nearly trips performing Teresa Teng tribute

23 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

The Teresa Teng superstar memorial concert took place four nights ago in Beijing. Faye Wong, Yu Quan, Jam Hsiao (Siu King Tung) and Gary Chaw (Cho Gat) performed in memory of Teresa Teng Lai Kwan. When Faye Wong went on the stage she tripped and almost fell. Luckily she was able to catch herself and flashed an awkward smile. Very quickly she got back into her performance, reported HKTopTen.Faye Wong performed 4 songs, BREEZE AND DRIZZLE, QINGPING DIAO, PLACE OF FIRST LOVE and ALONE TO THE WEST CHAMBER. QINGPING DIAO was Tang Lai Kwan's final song. On the stage Tang Lai Kwan's performance was played first, then Faye Wong sang with her. When Faye Wong performed ALONE TO THE WEST CHAMBER, she had a sentimental narration with subtitles. "She (Tang Lai Kwan) was the teacher who introduced me to music". Faye Wong sang 4 songs and as usual did not speak at all.Related:Faye Wong embarrassed by husband's diamond ring presentFaye Wong and other celebs show private photos to greet New YearWas songbird Teresa Teng dating Kenny Bee?Lin Chiling, Faye Wong and more pray for quake-hit China

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