Faye Wong embarrassed by husband's diamond ring present

5 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: asianfanatics.netFaye Wong and Li Yapeng are already into their seventh year of marriage. Lately there's been images circulating online which appears to show Faye in an embrace with ex-boyfriend Nicholas Tse. While husband Li Yapeng was allegedly furious by the photos, the couple once again used their actions to prove everyone wrong. Earlier they appeared at an art exhibition in Lijiang, Yunnan to support their daughter Li Yan. The day before yesterday they attended another function together. Li Yapeng even presented Faye a 3-carat diamond ring in front of everyone.The event the day before yesterday was titled 'Love's Holy Land' and was held in the ancient town of Shuhe. Towards the end of the event, Li Yapeng specially took the opportunity to present Faye with a 3-carat diamond 'French Kiss' ring as a token of his love. It became the highlight of the evening and made the usually calm and collected Faye extremely shy.Li Yapeng expressed his love for Faye on the stage. He says that while he's known her for nine years, he's never given her a ring before. That was why he specially asked a friend to help him reserve the ring to give to Faye. The design of the ring was inspired by the architecture of the Eiffel Tower. Li Yapeng revealed that Faye loves visiting Paris and everytime she goes she'll say 'I'm home'. That was the reason he purposely picked a ring that resembles the Eiffel Tower to commemorate their ninth anniversary together. Li Yapeng's romantic gesture touched everyone in the audience. He also joked that 'Ai Fei Er' (Eiffel) sounds like 'Ai Fei Er' (Love Faye). While Faye was left extremely embarrassed by his public declaration of love, she still revealed a hint of a smile.

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