Fans worried that Hossan Leong is sick after seeing him so 'fat'

15 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Local actor and comedian Hossan Leong worried fans for a moment when he posted a photo of himself on Instagram -- looking significantly plumper.

Some questioned if he had mumps. Comments on his Instagram include:

"Oh my god!!"

"You look so fat, no offence."

Local singer Roy Loi also chimed in: "oy ! U owe ppl money kena whack ah ? Hahaha"

His 'fat' look was actually a video for MediShield Life by MOH Singapore, where he plays both a round-faced father and a sullen-looking son. 

He wrote: "Please remember to log in to with your singpass. Only 1 member in each household need to do this.

"Any member of the family can do it. You need to do this by 6th June 2015. #MedishieldLife"

The campaign involved Hossan Leong getting plastered with a fat suit by prosthetics flown in from the US.

Look at screengrabs below or check out the video here.

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