Fans heartbroken after former F4 member Ken Chu's announcement

1 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

During a meet-the-fans session in Tokyo, Ken Chu shockingly announced that he would be dissolving his eight-year-old fanclub. The 35-year-old F4 member choked back his tears and said, “I will be entering into the next stage of my life.”

His announcement left his fans in disbelief and heartbroken. Some even cried out after hearing the sad piece of news, reports Asian Pop News.

Ken’s manager said that Ken was recently admitted into the faculty of directing at the Beijing Film Academy. Besides studying, Ken will also manage his jade business.

As Ken hardly has time to manage his fan club now, he hopes that his fans will not spend unnecessarily on the fan club, and hence, made the decision to close it.

When asked if Ken had plans to get married soon, his manager said that they had not discussed this, but disclosed that he was in a stable relationship with someone outside the entertainment industry. If Ken decides to tie the knot, the company will support him.

His manager also stressed that although Ken’s emphasis is on his studies and business, he would return to the showbiz later.

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