Fans form long queue at S'pore Expo to get passes to meet K-pop groups

23 October 2013 / 3 years 3 days ago

STOMPer Hamizah spotted long queues spanning three halls of the Singapore Expo complex on Wednesday (Oct 23).

The STOMPer also noted that the queue, which initially measured the length of one convention hall, grew longer through the day, stretching across three halls.

In a phone conversation with STOMP, the STOMPer wrote:

"I saw a long queue started around 9am at the Singapore Expo in the morning today (Oct 23), which was for the Vizit Korea festival happening there this weekend.

"Apparently, the queue was formed for ticket collection, which starts only at 6pm, as early birds stand to get mosh pit tickets for the concert, as well as meet-and-greet passes to interact with the performers.

"Initially, the queue started at Hall 5 but now, it has stretched till Hall 2."

According to the Vizit Korea website, the festival will be graced by K-pop acts such as Nu'est, APink, and A-Jax, who will each stage a performance at the Singapore Expo.

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