Fans climb trees and cause traffic jam -- all to catch a glimpse of 'dirty' Andy Lau

15 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Andy Lau Tak Wa is working on the Huayi Brothers film, Lost and Lonely.

According to an article in hktopten, in the film, he plays a farmer.

To look the part, he reportedly worked hard to lose some weight.

In the story, his character's son got kidnapped and he therefore began a 10-year logn search to look for his missing son.

He had to work in Quanzhou for 5 days and it was here when the production team attracted many pedestrians.

Fans had caused a major traffic jam just to catch a glimpse of him and because of the chaos, many returned home disappointed.

Some, however, caught a glimpse of him but he had looked so different from his usual self, they could not believe their eyes.

He reportedly looked dirty and was travelling on a motorcycle during filming. There were others, however, who praised him for being the most handsome farmer they had seen. 

Photos 1 to 5 of the gallery shows the commotion he caused while filming, while the rest of the gallery shows other photos of the star.

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