Fans clash online after Kate Tsui replaces Linda Chung in slimming ad

20 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Kate Tsui has replaced Linda Chung as the new face of a hot slimming promotional ad.

Kate managed to snag a $3 million HKD deal with a slimming company – the same company that signed Linda for three consecutive years.

Despite Linda being a household favorite, her promotional activities with the slimming company since 2011 did not sell very well, causing the company to drop Linda and give more money to Kate as the new spokesperson.

The slimming company’s representative explained, “Linda is rather quiet. Kate is more active and lively, and that fits well with our new direction!”

However, fans on both sides have started a heated battle online, stating that their own goddess is better than the other, report Jaynestars and ikhtv.

Already possessing a very slim physique, Kate underwent a weight loss regime to trim her thighs down by two inches.

She focused on toning her legs during the month leading up to the commercial shoot. “I currently weigh 105 pounds, and my waist is 22 inches.

"I use the workout machines every day, and the main point is to tone my muscles to have a slimmer figure.

"Because I used to do Chinese dancing, my lower half is disastrous. Luckily, I don’t have to work on my upper body.”

On the day of the filming, Kate was required to run around on the beach and play volleyball in her blue bikini.

In order to look good on camera, she only drank water during lunchtime while everyone else ate.

Although Linda lost a seven-figure sum when she failed to remain as the 2014 spokesperson for the slimming ad company, she explained, “I realized that the advertiser had to use a new promotional strategy and it’s normal to use a new spokesperson.”

Linda said that she does not mind wearing a bikini in commercial shoots, as long as the results are healthy.

Kate denied that Linda and her fans got into a fiery online exchange once news of the the spokesperson change surfaced.

Kate said that the report cannot be trusted and that her relationship with Linda will not change.

Asked whether she won the new endorsement deal because her new ad is sexier than Linda’s former ad, Kate said, “There’s no such thing. The advertiser didn’t request this.”

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