Fan sends Zheng Geping nude photos of herself -- which he hid from wife

2 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

When he opened the e-mail message, lurid naked photos of a young woman filled the screen. He was shocked. TV actor Zheng Geping, 49, recoiled and immediately closed the e-mail window.

“Jumping out at me were all these naked shots. I think it was instinctive to close them because I was so taken aback,” groans the affable actor in a mix of Mandarin and English.

The sender? A fan in her 20s – not much older than his own daughter – who had somehow got hold of his private e-mail address, reports an article in The New Paper.

Perhaps it is not surprising that he has besotted fans willing to express their carnal desire to be with him. He may have made his acting debut more than 26 years ago in 1987, but Zheng is experiencing a new wave of popularity – thanks to a physique that is at its peak. We are talking well-defined six-pack abs, bulging pecs and sinewy muscles.

Not only is it getting him leading roles and commercial endorsements, it has also spawned a book charting how he attained his new body.

Today, the 1.82m-tall Zheng is fitter than ever with only 7 per cent body fat, putting many younger men to shame. Another effect? It gets him plenty of attention from the opposite sex, especially the younger ones.

When quizzed about the naked photos, Zheng confesses it was not the first time. There have been two such incidences this year alone.

He sheepishly admits: “I complimented them that they have nice bodies.”

But the actor did not keep the photos, nor show them to his wife, Channel 8 actress Hong Huifang.

“I deleted them immediately. To keep them would mean I was tempted and was harbouring bad thoughts,” he says.

Zheng admits there is always temptation in the entertainment industry.

“As long as you respect yourself and the other person enough, you will not give in to it (temptation), even when it is dangled in front of your nose,” he says.

His wife, Hong, 52, is not batting an eyelid. She tells The New Paper on Sunday that unwanted attention is not unusual in the entertainment industry.

“I trust him fully. After all, we have been married for about 20 years. I’m happy he is looking good and getting all the attention. This increases his popularity, which in turn gets him the attention of producers and sponsors," she says.

Read the full report in The New Paper (Dec 1).

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