Family's life ruined after taking part in ghost-hunting reality show

2 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Sometimes there's just nothing real about reality TV. A family contacted the reality show's team about paranormal activity in their house. They thought their house is haunted: They've seen apparitions and objects moving by themselves.

What they've figured was that if they call the experts, perhaps they'll find out the source of the bizarre occurrences. They were wrong. The first thing the crew did was set the place up with props.

They also didn't like that the family was too mediocre and "normal" so they added up some spice. Their story was backed up by "family friends"--paid actors, who made up incredible stories about the house and its inhabitants.

The irony here is, the actual stuff the family claimed to have witnessed wasn't included. Since the family was southern, they "rednecked" their town a bit by "asking" the "locals" for "opinions."

The local southern hillbilly inbred-types had a lot to say, because they were paid actors, reading a script. The paranormal activity was filmed and shockingly, the crew captured disturbing images.

And by captured, it means their FX team added them in. Ominous shadows, weird sounds, apparitions. But why did this house become haunted in the first place? 

The crew hired a medium to evaluate their mental condition. The medium called the house owner "psychologically damaged" and a possible serial killer, reports AcidCow.

Of course, the medium based that on the items in the house, like a cross made out of samurai swords and some mysterious drawings... things the crew brought in and placed there.

He also told them that the ghost inhabiting their place was angry because the family was Christian. There's more. Some of the actual stories provided by the family were modified so that they looked like schizophrenics or worse.

For example, one of the brothers cut his arm, and they didn't know how that happened. In the show, they turned it into a demon cutting his arm, and the whole family screaming. The fake show turned the participants' social life in town into a nightmare.

They became a laughing stock among the locals, and the experience left them questioning the show's made-up ghost-hunting practices. So much for reality TV.

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