Family laughs for the first time in weeks -- thanks to a stranger named Robin Williams

13 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Robin Williams may be a Hollywood star, but when he saw a family in need of some cheering up, he went up to them and did the best he could.

Reddit user, TrueAmurrican, shared his personal experience with the late star which happened 17 years ago after the death of his grandparents.

He said that his grandfather had killed his grandmother and then himself in a drunken rage.

The whole family held a massive service at a church, and after a hard night, they made their way home at around 2.30am.

Before leaving the city, they stopped at a doughnut shop to grab some food and Robin Williams was also there enjoying some pastries and coffee.

Noticing the grim expressions on the family's faces, Robin came over and started chatting with them.

He introduced himself and started to make pleasant conversation.

Though TrueAmurrican can't remember what he said, but he remembered how Robin's words made his parents smiled and laughed.

It was the first time his parents showed any signs of joy in weeks.

In his post, he said:

"I couldn't tell you what they laughed about, but I remember seeing my parents laugh and smile for the first time in weeks.

"My dad remembered that so fondly. He always said it was exactly what he had needed in that time, and that he appreciated the way Robin Williams went about it.

"It wasn't that he was a celebrity, he was just being a nice guy who saw a bunch of sad folks and realized he could probably make a difference. And he did.

"I loved hearing my dad tell that story because you could tell that moment meant a lot to him. I'm sad he felt the need to go.

"I always wanted to get the chance to thank Robin Williams for this moment, and I'm sad to not get that chance, but I'm happy so many others know it happened now as well.

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