Fala Chen criticised for not crying in film

7 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Fala Chen's crying scene in Triumph in the Skies II gets criticisms once again.

According to an article in Groove Asia, in a episode, Fala runs to a field and sobs to the sky in memory of her boyfriend, but in reference to this scene, netizens criticised her performance saying that she had no tears.

One netizen said: "Don't force me to give up on this series."

On the contrary, Eliza Sam's crying scene when she met her biological mother on a flight was touching, and netizens praised her good crying skills.

Some Netizens pointed out Chilam Cheung's English pronunciation of the pilot terms were incorrect.

Chilam did not comment, but a professional from an airline came forward to explain.

Hong Kong Airlines explained on their official Weibo: "Actually pilots communicating through wireless technology, sometimes due to the poor signals, it is easy to misunderstand, so some pronunciations sound different from what we're used to hearing.

"Captian Cool read 'three' as 'tree', come on, let's follow and say 'TREE ONE ONE!' together."

Also, Fala and Gordon Lam plays a couple in one of the stories in the film Tales from the Dark I & II.

In the film, because Fala discovered Gordon still had feelings for his ex, she angrily stabs him in the neck and then strangles him to death.

The scene is extremely bloody and violent and to get into character, Fala reportedly saw a psychiatrist to understand the mentality of an ill patient.

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