F4's Ken Chu to get back together with model involved in Justin Lee scandal?

25 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Taiwanese actress-model, Maggie Wu’s reputation and career hit rock bottom last year after her sex photos with ex-boyfriend, Justin Lee was exposed. Justin Lee was embroiled in a rape case involving many female artistes and Maggie became a victim in the scandal.According to a report on Asianpopnews, Maggie had an emotional breakdown during the scandal and shunned away from the public. Tabloids reported that during the lowest point of her life, her ex-boyfriend Ken Chu had been encouraging her through Weibo. Ken had also been sending text messages to encourage her to persist in her artiste career.Maggie reportedly was moved by Ken’s support and the couple was said to have gotten back together. Ken and Maggie reportedly went for a vacation in Japan in January. On 14 January 2013, Ken uploaded a photo of Mount Fuji on his Weibo and wrote, “It’s a pity that sometimes forever does not last‘. His love poem was seen as a declaration to ex-girlfriend for reconciling their relationship.A day later, Maggie and Ken was on the same flight returning to Taiwan from Japan. The couple reportedly escaped the public eye by leaving the business class flight separately.Maggie was also sighted in Ken’s car and allegedly alighted the car after realising that they had been trailed by the paparazzi. A friend of the couple disclosed that Maggie and Ken had reconciled secretly for two months. The couple also has plans to get married.After the rumours surfaced, Maggie immediately clarified, “I am so angry that the tabloids fabricate the news. I am just about to make a comeback in my career and now the tabloids write that I am getting married. Who will invite me back to work?‘The 29-year-old said that she had met Ken at a Chinese massaging clinic and the latter offered to send her back. Maggie also said that she had always been keeping in touch with Ken but denied getting back together with the F4 member.Maggie revealed that she had pursuer now but he is not from the showbiz. Asked if she dared to date again after the Justin Lee scandal, Maggie said, “A person becomes wiser after learning a lesson. I will be more careful in future‘.View photos of Maggie Wu and the Justin Lee rape scandal in the gallery below.

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