Exposed! G.E.M. Tang allegedly blacklisted by Hunan TV

8 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

G.E.M. (鄧紫棋) is once again plagued by diva allegations.

Originally scheduled to perform in the final episode of the third season of I Am a Singer <我是歌手2>, G.E.M. was suddenly dropped from the show last minute, and Taiwanese singer A-Lin was called in to replace her, reports Jayne Stars.

The reason behind the drop was said to be because of G.E.M.’s arrogant attitude towards the production staff of I Am a Singer, including the show’s primary director Hong Tao (洪濤).

According to reports, G.E.M. angered the staff when she insisted to perform her own songs from her new album rather than follow the show’s format of singing older songs.

There were also rumors claiming that she cursed at the staff and that Hunan TV added her to its blacklist.

Hong Tao took his anger to Weibo, writing, “If you don’t change songs, I’ll change performers. Good night!”

G.E.M.: “I Will Reflect”

In regards to these reports, G.E.M. responded saying she was not expecting the situation to grow so out of proportion.

She tearfully said, “I was filming my music video on the 30th. That morning, I read the Weibo message Teacher Hong sent me and then went on Weibo to check out the news articles, which all had different versions. I felt a little scared. I wasn’t in my right state of mind while shooting the music video. I always stopped singing halfway. I felt like I couldn’t sing anymore.”

G.E.M. then denied the reports claiming that Hunan TV had banned her, revealing that she had personally contacted Hong Tao for clarification. G.E.M. said Hong Tao is a very easy-going senior, and expressed that she does not want to cause any more inconvenience for the director.

As for the ongoing reports about her alleged diva behavior, G.E.M. said she and her team will need some time to reflect. “I hope everyone can pardon me and give me some time to grow so I can be more complete. I really only know how to make music.”

Hong Tao Slams G.E.M.’s Manager

Hong Tao dismissed G.E.M.’s diva rumors, clarifying that G.E.M. was not rude to the staff. “She’s actually very intelligent and well-behaved,” he said.

The director did, however, expressed his displeasure at G.E.M.’s manager, Cheung Tan (張丹). When he called Cheung Tan to tell him that G.E.M. needed to change her song, Cheung Tan angrily replied, “You promised us that we can sing our own song! Why change it? Since your program is more important, just change performers!”

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