Ex-Miss Malaysia's battle with anorexia, bulimia and weighing 68kg at one point

15 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

Adolescence often comes with sizable doses of awkward moments and confusion. For beauty queen-turned-singer Wincci Soo, that uncertain period in her life saw a shy, insecure teenager often bullied for her weight.

"I was obese as a child. I weighed about 55kg at age 10. The kids at school called me 'Godzilla' and 'Fatso'.

"Then, I could eat up to five pieces of Kentucky fried chicken at a go. Boys would do a crude imitation of a fat person walking whenever they saw me at the canteen," the lanky 28-year-old from Selangor shares.

Things were no easier at home. The youngster was often the butt of fat jokes among her relatives.

"I hated family gatherings. My aunties and uncles would often tease me about my weight.

"I knew they were joking, but it had a huge psychological impact on me, and I would lock myself in my room afterwards and cry," she says.

Soo was 14 years old when she decided she had had enough of being fat. "I resorted to starving myself to lose weight," she admits.

The teenager decided to do away with her usual diet, and survived on just watermelons and oranges.

"Those fruits made me feel full, and I needed the sugar. Whenever I ate anything else, I would immediately run off to the bathroom to purge," she explains.

She felt ecstatic watching the pounds melt away. "I was losing one kg almost everyday," she says.

By the end of the first month into her "diet", Soo had lost over 15kg.

"I was reduced to just bones. My breasts were flat. Mum noticed something was wrong when she saw how often I was running to the bathroom after meals. That's when I had to stop."

To her dismay, she eventually gained back the weight that she lost.

"I ate whenever I felt stressed, so I was at my heaviest (about 68kg) during my SPM and A-Level years," she says.

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