Emergency Couple's Choi Jin Hyuk surprised by bold S'pore female fan who grabbed his hand

18 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

By Gwendolyn Ng,
The Straits Times

South Korean actress Song Ji Hyo, 32, looked demure in a white dress at a fan meet on Friday night.

But when the time came for the fresh-faced Song to play a game of charades, she had no qualms removing her stilettos for ease of movement.

She and co-star Choi Jin Hyuk, 28, were in town to promote their romantic comedy Emergency Couple at a ticketed fan meet at Kallang Theatre.

Lucky fans from the 1,600-strong crowd were picked to go onstage to play games with the stars.

Perhaps Song's four years tackling crazy tasks on popular variety show Running Man, on which she is a regular host, has conditioned her competitive reflexes.

Wearing her game face, she gesticulated animatedly and even huddled the fans on her team in a tight circle to rally them.

Even female fans could not resist the draw of the amiable Song. Four out of six female fans picked Song over the hunky Choi to reenact a romantic scene in Emergency Couple.

The swooning girls confessed their love for their idol Song, and one emotional fan even broke down in tears.

The spontaneous Song played along and returned their adoration with hugs. Of course the dapper Choi had his share of fans too.

Screams broke out whenever Choi spoke in his trademark baritone voice. Ladies picked to go onstage took every opportunity to embrace the muscular hunk.

Even Choi was surprised at how bold the girls were during the reenactment segment, especially when a genteel looking female teen boldly grabbed his hand.

Playing coy, he said: "You girls surprised me. I thought that the girls picked to come onstage would be shy and timid."

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