Elva Hsiao's new lover is Arissa Cheo's brother?

11 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

After her breakup with Kai Ko, Elva Hsiao is rumoured to have hooked up with the younger brother of Vanness Wu's wife, Elrox.

According to an article in Asian Pop News, they reportedly met up at Vanness' wedding in the United States.

Elrox was also said to have flown in specially to Taipeh to console Elva after knowing about her breakup.

He was also at Elva's side when she travelled to Korea.

Elva was reportedly touched by his attentiveness and was said to have walked out from her heartbreaking relationship.

A few days ago, Elva met up with her friends at a restaurant in Shanghai, and Elrox was reportedly with her too.

Besides handing over her white bag to Elrox for safekeeping, Elva also passed her black hat to Elrox for him to take a selfie.

Elrox was also good friends with Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko, but Kai suddenly unfollowed Elrox on Instagram two days ago.

Rumours also alluded to the fact that Kai had wrote on his facebook that Elva had visited a nightclub with 'her god brother'. Netizens subsequently wondered if the 'god brother' Kai had mentioned was in fact Elrox.

Elva's manager has since dismissed the rumours saying, "Elva only went to Shanghai for work and met up with a group of friends during her free time. Please do not over imagine things."

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