Ellen Chan reportedly got test-tube baby to tie down Casanova BF

18 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

Rumored to be dating 39-year-old Johnson Lee (李思捷), 47-year-old Ellen Chan (陳雅倫) is eager to have his baby. Ellen believes that a baby will make her life more complete, and possibly tie down Johnson, who is known for his flirtatious behavior.

Although Johnson was dating 23-year-old model/actress Lukian Wong (王寶寶) when they met, Ellen will not back down when she comes across a man that interests her, reports an article on Jayne Stars.

Johnson and Ellen hit it off at Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) birthday party this year and became close after working together on Office of Practical Jokes <玩嘢王>. Ellen was photographed visiting Johnson’s apartment at night, and the pair kissed passionately inside a taxi in May.

Lukian reportedly gave an ultimatum to Johnson to end things with Ellen, or Lukian would terminate the relationship. Aside from tolerating his flings with other women, Lukian was also upset that Johnson was unwilling to get married.

Ellen receives in-vitro fertilization treatment

At the time of Lukian and Johnson’s breakup, Ellen had already started the in-vitro fertilization process.  Having gotten rid of her love rival, Ellen wasted no time in trying to get pregnant as her biological clock is ticking.

After seeking the advice of her friend, renown feng shui master, Mak Ling Ling (麥玲玲) on a good year to conceive a baby, Ellen consumed Chinese herbs to condition her body and consulted western doctors.

An insider revealed, “She and the man went there (the hospital) separately to avoid attention. For a few months, she has been taking medication, injections and going for blood tests. She has recently undergone the final stage and is awaiting results now.”

Unable to contain her own happiness, Ellen has been asking friends for congratulations on her upcoming conception.

Ellen denies rumors

Ellen admitted that she has been seeing “good friend” Johnson Lee frequently. Although she wants to have a baby, she denied that she has gone for in-vitro fertilization.

“There is absolutely no such thing.” She clarified that her frequent visits to the hospital are due to her godfather’s position as head of the pathology department, and that she has been down with the flu.

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