Ella Koon blasts haters over rumours of her being pregnant before marriage

24 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Ella Koon was already married and released an agitated message on Facebook suddenly.

She denied getting pregnant before married and told the person who started the rumour lacked of independent thinking, reports Asian E-News Portal.  

Ella wrote: "Can you please have independent and reasonable thinking? My marriage photos were taken last July in France and the reservation for wedding dinner required 1 year. 

"I should be pregnant either for 7 months or given birth by now if really pregnant. This photo was taken during an event 2 days before getting married and all Hong Kong media were present.

"Why do I announce my engagement 3 months before getting married? Because I wish to prepare everything before telling everybody. Otherwise, the media will keep asking me about marriage stuff for a year.

"Please stop asking the people surrounding me and I am not pregnant before married! There is no difference between a person who has no independent thinking and a dead fish!"

Ella Koon
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