Ella Chen says she's 'very good at swallowing': Find out why

1 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

The S.H.E member discussed private matters in public at the concert celebratory dinner.After successfully concluding their two-night concert at Taipei Arena last weekend, S.H.E appeared at the celebratory dinner where member Ella Chen openly talked about her intimate affairs, reported GrooveAsia.The singer had everyone's eyebrows raised when she said that she is 'very good at swallowing' with a sexual connotation.'Swallowing my tears, I mean,' she clarified.Turning to her members, Ella divulged her husband's wish for her to bring home the fringe-dress costume so that he could 'rip them off'. 'He sleeps very early, so I don't think it will happen tonight,' she laughed.In response, singleton Hebe Tian ranted about Ella's constant blabber about her married life. 'I feel shy every time I go to her place, because I'd imagine all the scenes [that she described],' said the 30-year-old.Bedroom affairs aside, Hebe and Selina Jen also expressed their surprise at Ella's revelation during the concert. The latter had confided that she 'has always felt like she is the worst singer in the group', which made the trio break into tears on stage.'I was shocked by her tears. But you can tell she is so real and sincere,' Hebe commented, while Selina shared that it was previously a 'secret' known, only to the three of them.

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