Eliza shows off slender figure in new commercial

10 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Eliza Sam, who has the nickname 'Princess Heung Heung', has had a surge in popularity because of her positive image. In addition, work has been non-stop, and is in good shape; no wonder she has become the new favourite of many advertisers.TVB News World reported that Eliza exuded a youthful air while decked in a yellow-and-white one-piece which showed off her smooth, white legs in the filming of a television commercial for a sunscreen product.Although Eliza had to film the commercial barefoot, she did not have any complaints, even showing off her signature, sweet, princess-like smile...indeed a sweet girl.To roll out this important event, the advertising company used seven figures to invite a star makeup artist and hairstylist to dress Eliza up, also preparing desserts to show its appreciation to Eliza. Eliza said that she filmed happily.

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