Elanne Kong says management company has not paid her for 10 years

23 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

After ten years of working under management company, Universe International, Elanne Kong (江若琳) shockingly exposed she has not received a single penny for her work.

With her contract expiring this May, she has no plans for a renewal and earlier sent a legal letter to the company’s Chairman, Daneil Lam (林小明), asking for a termination.

However, Daneil is angered by Elanne’s decision and claimed they have lent her $500,000 HKD last year, and she has no right to leave because the company decides the fate of her contract.

Elanne spilled to the press that although she supposedly earned around $10 million HKD throughout the years, Universe never paid her a salary. Thus, she had always been financially relying on her family for a living.

According to Jayne Stars, an insider exposed the company was extremely harsh and included the charges for transportation, food, laundry, and music video production all in the artistes’ own expenses.

A good friend of Elanne’s also spoke up for her and declared she has no savings left and is facing financial issues at the moment. “Elanne was only persistent in staying because she truly likes working in this industry. She was going to make further plans after the contract is over.”

With Elanne’s cry of unfairness, Daneil retorted, “What did she live off of if she hasn’t been receiving money? Perhaps it’s because she’s earning less than she spends!”

In terms of the $500,000 HKD he previously mentioned, Daneil claimed Elanne said she was in need of the money last year, which was why they lent her the sum. But in a latter interview, he contradicted himself by saying the money served as a deposit to have Elanne add five years to her management contract.

Elanne later clarified, “I’ve never received any money in the ten years I’ve worked for the company, and it really worried my mother. Mr. Lam was the one who suggested giving me $500,000 HKD last year. He then told me to deposit the sum of money into my bank account so I could tell my mother I have a salary.”

Ironically, Elanne was once accused of breaking up Daneil’s marriage. Reporters approached his ex-wife Chiu Suet Ying (趙雪英) to comment on the matters. No longer friends with Daneil, Suet Ying exclaimed, “This is called karma! He has done so many terrible things. Just think about what he did to me in the past!”

In terms of Elanne’s destroyed relationship with Daneil, she said, “ I’m not on either side! I could foresee this day coming, and it was only a matter of which day and which year!”

Daneil told the press they have passed the case to the lawyers and cannot reveal too many details at the moment. “But of course I would like to have it resolved peacefully!” he said.

Accusations that Daneil has been poorly treating artistes point at him from all directions. During their divorce battle in 2012, Chiu revealed that Daneil asked Rain Li (李彩華) to sexually service businessmen. While Rain replied that she had never done so, it was not explicitly stated as to whether she was asked to do so.

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