Ekin Cheng talks wedding and baby plans with Charlene Choi

6 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: The Daily Chilli Have they or have they not? Rumour has it that Hong Kong star Ekin Cheng has tied the knot with his girlfriend, TVB actress Yoyo Mung, secretly in Japan, but the 45-year-old simply refused to confirm or deny it."Why must I confirm this?" he responded with a smile, when he was asked on the subject while in Kuala Lumpur with Charlene Choi to promote their latest flick My Sassy Hubby."Please give us some space. I don’t want to make my private life public. It’s between the two of us. Please let us proceed naturally and maybe one day the press will stop asking us these questions,‘ he added.10 years after their first collaboration in My Wife Is 18, Ekin Cheng and Charlene Choi still look good together. Ekin, long reputed to be a commitment-phobe, recently revealed his plans to make an honest woman of his girlfriend of six years and has since sent the Hong Kong media into a frenzy, speculating the wedding date. At one point, it is said that their big day will take place on 21st December, the last day of the world according the Mayan Prophecy.One thing is for sure: don’t expect the lovebirds to pop out a little Ekin or a little Yoyo anytime soon. Don’t get him wrong. It’s not that he doesn’t like children..."I was once the host of a children’s show (TVB’s 430 Space Shuttle). I can communicate easily with kids. I just feel that this is an unsafe world we live in, especially in Hong Kong, where kids grow up facing stiff competition in every aspect. They have to deal with a lot of things that they might not like. So I take this into consideration and I’m not having children at the moment,‘ he explained.Well, is he capable of becoming a good husband then? "That’s hard to say. You’d have to ask my other-half. So if you have the opportunity, please ask‘¦'he trailed off without saying the name of his girlfriend, before defending his widely-known addiction in computer games: "I’m a Libran. I can juggle between family, work and my games very well!"Coincidentally, his love interest in My Sassy Hubby, played by Charlene, goes by the name of Yoyo, too. "Well, this is a name very commonly used by girls of different age groups in Hong Kong. So it does feel familiar," said Ekin.Meanwhile, Charlene, who was once married to Cantopop star Ronald Cheng and now happily in love with her junior William Chan, is delaying her baby plans."I’ve always loved kids. Since I was young, I’ve always wanted to have, like, a dozen of children. But as I grow up, I learn that it’s not just about having babies. You have to educate and guide them. I don’t think I can handle that right now," said the pretty 30-year-old."I still hope to have my own kids one day, hopefully twins. Then I would only have to experience the pain once and for all!" she joked.

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