Eerily similar? Combined photos of K-pop stars reveals what an average idol looks like

14 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

If you are a big fan of K-pop and are familiar with its culture, especially the Korean idol fandom, you probably know about the three major entertainment companies, SM, JYP and YG.

Interestingly, fans say that they can distinguish which idols belong to which entertainment company by their facial features. That indicates that these three companies each have their own ideal type, not only in music but also in trainees’ faces.

To prove this, the faces of singers from the 3 major K-pop entertainment groups were digitally averaged to show each group's ideal type, reports Drama Fever.

SM Entertainment led the way in Korean idol history with H.O.T and S.E.S in the mid 90’s, and SM is still one of the most powerful companies in K-pop culture. Today, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, EXO, Girl’s Generation and f(x) are SM’s representative artists.

It can easily be said that one of the things SM is very keen on doing is finding handsome and pretty trainees. After this, singing and dancing can be taught by SM during the training period.

In addition, there is a joke that SM considers the artist's appearance after their debut as being more important than their appearances during the training period so they select trainees in expectation of their made over look.

Park Jin Young represents JYP, and there is a joke that says there is no ideal type for JYP, there is only Park Jin Young’s preference. For example, singers in JYP entertainment have oriental eyes rather than big eyes and double eyelids.

Some of these artists left JYP, but Rain, So Hee from Wonder Girls, Joon Ho, Woo Young from 2PM, Jin Woon from 2AM, and Min from Miss A are cited as having the typical JYP look. And if the trainee is shy, that's perfect.

Park Jin Young has said that he prefers ebullient and shy trainees like Rain, Joon Ho and Jin Woon during auditions. When a new idol group makes their debut, people say that they can easily recognize who is the outstanding singer in the group by their face.

And it is said that according to YG’s faces, they must be the greatest musicians. YG’s musicians may not have what are considered typically handsome or pretty faces, rather they are highly individualist.

Of course their appearances may not appeal to everyone, but their music is very powerful and influential. There are many K-pop artists in each company, and many young talented trainees who are expecting to make their debut.

 Which entertainment group's faces are your type?

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