Edwin Siu doesn’t want GF to watch his kiss scene as it was too "passionate"

21 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago
Artiste Edwin Siu was promoting the new series, Overachievers, in Diamond Hill.

When asked about the kissing scene between him and Sisley Choi, he said:

"Sisley tells me she gave her first on-screen kiss to me and it is quite a passionate kissing scene, but it is required in the script".

When asked if he should report to girlfriend Priscilla Wong prior to doing a romantic scene, Edwin said it was not required as they are both professional artistes and undertsood the requirements of showbiz, reported Asian E-News Portal.
However, when asked if she will watch his kissing scene, he replied:

"I'm not sure but I dare not ask her in case she gets mad.

"It is better for her not to watch my kissing scene."

Edwin disclosed that Sisley and he got drunk and did something silly in the series.

He said: "Next week, the series will show a love triangle between me, Sisley Choi and Grace Chan.

When asked if he drank often with Priscilla Wong, he said:

"We drink a little while eating together as she cannot drink too much."

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