Edison Chen's photo scandal with teen model Cammi Tse

4 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: ChinabuzzEdison Chen responded to the matter that he felt bad after breaking up with Vincy 8 months ago, so when he met Cammi, he believed that Cammi and he would develop a closer relationship. But now with this matter, he claimed he is back to “being single‘ again, hinting that he was used by the soft model.But 16-year-old Cammi appeared very innocent. She said she was very scared, and it was a difficult time for her to accept the matter. She admitted that she had been together with Edison, but now they have broken up.Cammi is a high school student. She joined the girl group “Fantasy‘ last year, and shot some advertising photos. She became known only after she had a rift with her ex-boyfriend Taiwan based model Shen Chi-ming (沈志明) in this August.Thankfully Edison Chen's scandal is nothing like the following:Taiwan singer-turned-millionaire accused of rape, sex torture, blackmailTaiwanese celeb rape scandal: Justin Lee faces 30 years imprisonment

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