Don't like Jackie Chan's Film Gallery attraction? He'll give your money back

5 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Jackie Chan's 40 million RMB Jackie Chan Film Gallery officially opened yesterday in Shanghai.

Because of the holiday many visitors were in line. Due to certain portions of the attraction that required tour guides, crowd control was used to take care of every visitor.

For the opening the ticket prices went from 158 yuan RMB to 128 yuan RMB, seniors, children and the handicapped all received half price discounts.

Workers promised that if any visitor was dissatisfied they would be willing to refund the tickets.

Luckily visitors were pleased. Currently work on his new film DRAGON BLADE (TIN JEUNG HUNG SI) in the Mainland, Jackie Chan was pleased with the opening day admission rate especially without much promotion.

He only posted a message online and he was very happy with the result. "I heard that visitors donated more money into the 'donation pool'. They are quite benevolent. Later I will meet everyone at the gallery."

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