Doesn't this singer remind you of a well-known TVB actor?

29 October 2013 / 2 years 12 months ago

Jay Fung released his new album yesterday. Last night, he appeared at a CD store in Mongkok for an autograph session and to promote his new album.

He gave out egg tarts to his fans and joked that his new album was fresh out of the oven just like the egg tarts. "My company EEG helped me picked out a good date to launch my album. Of course I hope it sells well."

Jay Fung changed his looks for his new album and it was said he looked a lot like his senior Raymond Lam.

Jay laughed: "Many friends online have said the same, perhaps its because I got a new hairstyle. I don't think I look like Raymond, but it's pretty cool."

According to a Tvbnewsworld article, Jay felt he's not as 'chok' as Raymond: "I'm pleased with my new look."

As for his family, they are supporting him through action, with each of them buying one of his albums. He said he would treat his family to dinner to celebrate and might even hold a private autograph session for his family.

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