Does Rainie Yang have a new 'target' in her love life? This may suggest so

22 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Taiwanese Female Singer, Rainie Yang, went to Beijing to attend the press conference of her new album and her good friends, Eason Chan, Wu Tsing Fong, Cyndi Wang, Tanya Chua, Lala Hsu and others turned up to show support for her.

A video clip of Show Luo was played and he exposed that Rainie learnt the hairstyle from him and called her as 'Small Show Luo, reported Asian E-News Portal.

When asked about their relationship, Rainie replied that Show's hairstyle was not a concern and said 'relationship mattered more than anything else'.

She added that she did not set an age target for marriage although already 30 years old.

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