DMTN's Daniel narrowly escapes going to jail

13 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

DMTN member Daniel has won his court appeal and will no longer be going to prison for the dealing and use of marijuana.

On October 17, 2013, Daniel was sentenced to a year of prison and fined 7,160,000 KRW (6,700 USD) for his part in a 6-person drug trading ring.

According to a report on, an appeal was filed in the case, with a judge deciding to change his prison sentence into a probation period. With his appeal processed, Daniel will have to go a year without any criminal activity to avoid serving his original 1-year prison sentence.

Afterward, he will serve another 2 years on probation. In addition, Daniel will serve 120 hours of community service, attend 80 hours of substance abuse rehab, and pay the original fine issued.

The judge in the case cited Daniel's lack of a criminal record, the United States' more relaxed attitude toward the drug (specifically its legalization in some states), and Daniel's cooperation in the case as reasons why he ruled in favor of the defendant.

Daniel will be studying in the United States, his country of origin, at a university.

His sister will be watching over him during this time to ensure his compliance with his sentence.

Daniel's legal trouble began in March of 2013 when police issued a warrant for his arrest for suspicion of selling drugs. 6 people would eventually be indicted in the case, all of whom had connections tracing back to their time in United States.

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