Did Wang Leehom slap Taiwanese magician Lu Chen backstage?

13 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

It appears that famous Taiwanese magician, Lu Chen (劉謙), may have done something that angered Leehom Wang (王力宏), prompting the singer to slap him in the face immediately after Lu Chen went backstage. But was this true at all?21CN reported that mainland China’s CCTV aired its live Spring Festival Gala three nights ago. Among the many famous guest performers at that night’s show was Lu Chen, who performed with Leehom’s rumored boyfriend, classical pianist Li Yundi (李雲迪), in a special vanishing act.In the special segment, Lu Chen was to perform a large-scale vanishing act on Yundi while Yundi played the piano. However, moments before Lu Chen vanished Yundi into thin air, Yundi stopped playing on the piano and stuck his head out of the curtain, requesting for Lu Chen. After a quiet exchange, Lu Chen exclaimed, “Who do you want? Oh, Leehom?‘On the early afternoon of February 10, a Weibo community netizen claimed that he witnessed Leehom slapping Lu Chen as soon as the magician went backstage. The netizen further claimed that Leehom was angry at Lu Chen for putting his and Yundi’s rumors on the table, writing, “Leehom Wang found Lu Chen backstage and slapped him hard on the face.Another netizen alleged that Leehom immediately unfollowed Lu Chen’s Weibo blog that same night.In a press conference after the so-called attack incident, Lu Chen explained that his “Leehom line‘ was part of the script and he had already rehearsed the scenario with Yundi beforehand. However, Spring Festival Gala representatives stated afterwards that the line was improvised by Lu Chen at the last minute.The fight that allegedly occurred between Leehom and Lu Chen, however, was most likely false. Hours after the Weibo netizen’s attack claim when viral, Leehom wrote on Lu Chen’s Weibo, “Brother Lu Chen, did someone hit you? Is it true that the guy really looked like me?‘Within an hour, Leehom’s post had over 63,500 reposts and over 18,500 comments. By early February 11, the post accumulated to over 218,600 reblogs and over 88,100 comments.Lu Chen replied to Leehom’s post several minutes later, writing, “I‘¦ I think that blow has given me amnesia. I don’t even remember it ever happening. What should I do?‘

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