Did TVB blacklist several artistes?

2 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

In a bid to compete with TVB and ATV last year, Ricky Wong’s HKTV started a fierce bid to draw television artists from the two stations.

Felix Wong, Paul Chun, Wilson Tsui, and Ha Yu eventually filmed for HKTV. However, the issuing of the government’s free-to-air licenses has been delayed, causing many former TVB artistes to regret their decisions, reports Apple Daily.

Though TVB claims to welcome its former artists back, there is a rumour of an internal black list.

Although filming for HKTV allowS artistes to earn higher filming fees, the delayed broadcast of their dramas caused their exposure and popularity levels to drop.

This reduced their chances to earn more money through endorsement deals or events.

Word has it that some are already seeking alternative career options.

TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming said, “Our doors always welcome artistes who want to come home.”

However, there was also another group who went over to HKTV due to TVB’s unjust treatment and unscrupulous handling of its employees. This group includes experienced actors such as Felix Wong, Wilson Tsui, Ha Yu and Lo Hoi Pang, who are allegedly on TVB’s internal black list.

Former TVB actress Chan On Ying is not surprised that there are artists who wish to go back to TVB, although conditions have not changed at HKTV.

On Ying said, “I don’t know (about the black list). I am the first batch of artistes who left TVB so I don’t know if they will ask me back. I’ll see how things go with the others when my contract ends. Anyway, I’m happy where I am now.”

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