Did Shu Qi spend her Bali vacation with Lee Hom?

1 March 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Recently, it was reported that singer Lee Hom and actress Shu Qi spent Christmas together in Bali, but here's what Shu Qi has to say about the rumours.Both celebrities did not have any work scheduled from Dec 23 to 29, and were said to have flown to Bali separately, reports Groove Asia.On the day of departure, Shu Qi posted a photograph of a red scarf she received as a Christmas present on her microblog. Netizens then speculated that the scarf was a gift from Lee Hom.Both Shu Qi and Lee Hom updated their microblogs on Christmas and netizens then pointed that the celebs were in Indonesia, due to the IP addresses displayed on their posts. The actress also uploaded two photos of the scenery, which eagled-eye netizens believe were taken in Bali. However, she deleted the photos not long later.On Dec 29, the pair took separate flights back to Taiwan and Hong Kong, with Lee Hom disguising himself.When the media questioned Shu Qi, the actress replied, "This is absurd. What's there to comment on a story that's created from two pictures?"She let on that she spent the New Year with her family and had returned to Hong Kong from Shanghai when she was photographed.View the gallery for more pictures of sultry actress Shu Qi.

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