Did Edison Chen lose his endorsement deal because of his diva behaviour?

11 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Evisu, a Japanese designer clothing company for denim jeans, prematurely terminated its exclusive contract with Edison Chen (陳冠希) recently, and stated that it would “never” work with Edison again, reports Jayne Stars.

After the outbreak of Edison’s sex photo scandal in early 2008, the former idol star announced his indefinite hiatus from the entertainment industry.

He left Hong Kong for a quiet life in Vancouver, Canada, his hometown, but returned to the Chinese industry two years later with the release of his self-produced album, Confusion.  

His scandal made a lasting impact on Edison’s career, and he never regained his former popularity and celebrity status. To promote his recent works, Edison had to tour around small nightclubs throughout mainland China. Edison also failed to attract film offers and was only featured in two movies in the last four years.

Though blacklisted by the industry, Edison is supported by his own fashion business CLOT, which has several stores around Asia. In 2012, Edison struck an endorsement deal with Evisu – the 33-year-old had to lower his remuneration fee to $800,000 HKD in order to sign the exclusive two-year contract with the designer brand. Prior to his scandal in 2008, Edison used to earn at least $1.05 million HKD per endorsement.

Due to work disagreements, Edison’s relationship with Evisu quickly soured. During a photo shoot planning, Edison insisted to use his own photographer and production company for the project. When Evisu denied his request, Edison refused to do the photo shoot.

In March 2013, Evisu held an activity in Shanghai, but Edison – the brand’s main endorser – did not arrive to the event until an hour and a half later. A staff member at Evisu also revealed that Edison left the show before it officially ended.

The relationship of the two parties worsened further earlier this year. Evisu asked for Edison’s schedule to see if the star had time to attend a second event in May, but the star failed to confirm his schedule with Evisu. Citing work reasons, Edison said he would be in the United States in May, and that if he was to return to Hong Kong then, he would need to fly back in first class.

Edison also did not honor the terms of his contract and was secretly endorsing for another jeans brand in mainland China. Evisu finally had the last straw and prematurely terminated its contract with Edison, replacing him with Hong Kong singer Pakho Chau (周柏豪). Pakho was hired for $2.5 million HKD, three times Edison’s original price.

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