Details of Charmaine Sheh's mystery date revealed

14 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

Since 38-year-old Charmaine Sheh broke up with Kevin Cheng in 2009, she has not found a new boyfriend yet.

According to an article in Asian Fanatics, she was recently spotted with a gentleman who resembles Taiwanese Pop King Jay Chou.

Charmaine had a date with the 6-feet-tall gentleman and even went on a ride together.

That night, after they had dinner, he took the keys of Charmaine's car so he could put some items in the car, then handed the keys back to her where they were seen holding hands in public.

Later, Charmaine bumped into reporters at the parking lot. She smiled at reporters and asked: "What's up?"

She quickly admitted she had dinner with the 6-feet Jay Chou.

When asked if he was her boyfriend, she smiled sweetly and did not respond. She got into the car with her date and drove off.

It was understood that Charmaine wanted to add an artistic touch to her newly renovated home and had a friend introduce her to a muralist (an artist) to help her with the design.

The two met and clicked right away. Charmaine found his artistic talent attractive and wanted him to be her mentor.

When [Good News] reporters approached Charmaine and asked her if he was her boyfriend, she said: "No!"

"(What about him attracts you?) He's very smart. I hope he could help increase my interest. (Are you in a hurry to be in a relationship?) I hope so! At the moment, I hope to cultivate my interest on painting." 

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