David Tao "files for divorce from model GF after secret wedding"

31 May 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Taiwanese celebrity David Tao may have found himself embroiled in controversy after he was rumoured to have gotten married, and divorced on the sly -- all in the span of one year.

The 44-year-old singer-songwriter reportedly flew to the United States with his 27-year-old Taiwanese model girlfriend Jian Baoshan in 2011 to get married in a low-profile ceremony.

David has thus far not revealed his marital status to the public while Baoshan has exclaimed to friends about being the couple becoming husband and wife.

However, a Sohu report claims that it has not been a case of life being happily ever after for the couple.

The pair have been caught squabbling with each other constantly, which led to Baoshan reportedly asking for a divorce in May last year.

The matter was pushed back then after David's father was diagnosed with cancer.

When his father got better, the couple tried to patch things back together but the reunion was to be short-lived, as David chose to call time on the marriage.

He is also claimed to have put up their marital home up for sale, as well as offer Pao Shan alimony that amounts up to NT$2,000,000 (S$84,180).

When contacted by reporters, Baoshan would only say that she had no comments, while David's manager hit out reporters by calling them 'scriptwriters', while also echoing the model's response.

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