David Beckham may be fit, but you won't believe what he was seen eating at midnight

23 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Former soccer star David Beckham reportedly enjoyed two midnight fast foods feasts without his wife Victoria, and onlookers were impressed he could eat so much while staying in shape.

The retired soccer star was spotted at Los Angeles chains Fat Sal's and Swingers, where it is said he enjoyed big snacks in the middle of the night.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "A few people were jealous that someone who looks after their body can eat like that."

During his first late-night trip to the fast food joint, David enjoyed the BBQ sandwich, which is filled with bacon, cheese, mozzarella sticks, chicken and pastrami, and comes with a side order of pizza fries.

On the second night, the star went to Swingers where he enjoyed macaroni cheese with chili cheese fries.

Meanwhile, former 'Breaking Bad' star Aaron Paul admitted he was starstruck when he asked for a picture with the former soccer star to send to his wife Lauren Parsekian and he couldn't believe it when the ex-England international asked the actor to return the favour.

He recently said: "I'm like, 'Yes you can. Tell her I said Hi! Send her my love!' I love my wife to death, but David Beckham is an attractive man."

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