Daniel Craig works out for strip scenes

24 October 2012 / 4 years 5 days ago

Source: Bang ShowbizDaniel Craig's "vanity kicked in" when he realised he had to strip for 'Skyfall'.The muscle-bound actor reprises his role as super spy James Bond for the film and he worked out up to seven hours a day for the movie, because he wanted to look good on screen.He told UK TV show 'Lorraine': "There's stuff in the script that says I have to take my shirt off so vanity kicks in and I work out."But also I'm running most of the time during this film - he doesn't really just walk into a room and sit down, he tends to jump through the window and sit down, so I had to stay in shape."The 44-year-old actor's co-star Naomie Harris previously revealed she enjoyed filming the scenes with him when he had to take off his clothes.The Bond girl said: "I do get to have a lovely moment with him, where I try to seduce him. He's a very hot guy, definitely. He worked out for two hours every day after filming."He's a Bond in real life - very physical, capable and energetic."Daniel also said he is now extremely comfortable in his role as 007 now he is on his third film as the iconic character.He explained: "I think it's about time, really, isn't it that I should start feeling comfortable? I enjoyed this a great deal and like I said about the script, when you've got something as strong as that, and when you know the story is that good, you feel good about it. I always wanted to start bringing in the older elements of the films."'Skyfall' - which was directed by Sam Mendes - will have its Royal world premiere tonight (23.10.12) at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

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