Dance team Waveya creates chaos in Korean high school with seductive moves

3 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Waveya, a South Korean female dance team famous for their sexy dance rendition of Gangnam Style recently worked their sexiest and most seductive moves at an all-boys high school in Korea.According to an article in Rocketnews24, it’s unclear why the group was chosen to perform at an all-boys high school or if this is even normal for school events in Korea.No doubt an act like this would be the subject of some pretty severe criticism at the PTA meeting if it had been done at a school in any Western country as it is, after all, it’s only a few iron poles and some strobe lights away from being a strip show.The video of them dancing seductively to the group of over-enthusiastic teenage boys went viral last month, with claims that Waveya was actually performing for a group of “engineering kids".

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