Crystal Huang responds to cheating allegations -- and admits marriage is a failure

16 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Crystal Huang‘s (黃奕) husband, Huang Yiqing (黃毅清), accused her of cheating multiple times in their marriage.

According to a report on Sina, Yiqing said he discovered their illicit messages on her cell phone, and that he had hit the last straw in their marriage.

Crystal denied her husband’s claims and said in an official statement today, “The truth will be clear one day”.

She admitted that she often suffered Yiqing’s verbal abuse and that their troubled marriage was heading towards a tragic end. Crystal Denies Hotel Tryst Yiqing fired angry outbursts over Crystal’s infidelity on Sina Weibo after she was photographed meeting with a billionaire in a Hong Kong hotel.

Tabloids claimed that Crystal and the man were secret lovers having a hotel tryst.

Through her manager, Crystal replied that she was at the hotel discussing her new film project.

However, Yiqing continued to rant on his Weibo blog last night that Crystal’s infidelity was a frequent problem. “In the past, when I discovered her [plan] to have a hotel tryst with another man, we argued and I didn’t let her go.

She went crazy and I asked for a divorce. She tricked me to go to the garage, and then she left the house.”

He added, “After returning from United States for a short time, she went for a tryst [at a hotel]. She renewed her affair with xxx; at the time the man’s wife was pregnant.

After she left, we have not been maintaining our husband-and-wife relations. I retained the illicit text messages and photos until this day.”

Yiqing claimed that Crystal’s good-mother image was also fabricated by herself, as she often invites reporters to photograph the family at home.

A close source revealed that Crystal and Yiqing have been living separately for more than half a year, since their marital dispute occurred.

After Yiqing’s damaging accusations surfaced, Crystal issued a public statement today to clear her reputation.

She admitted that her “love life was very unsuccessful”, but she had tolerated Yiqing because of her failed first marriage. She did it for the sake of their daughter, believing that things will improve.

“Today, I found out I was wrong. I never thought that my concession and compromise will result in such blatant verbal abuse. There is a bottom line in a marriage. If the cost of keeping a family together requires broken self-esteem, then it’s bound to be a tragedy. I’m willing to stall my career for the sake of this family, however when my daughter’s environment becomes so terrible, I can no longer tolerate and be afraid anymore. As a mother, I must ensure that my daughter grows up in a healthy, true, and fair environment. This is my bottom line.”

Crystal added that she was not afraid of the false rumors, “There will be a day when the truth becomes clear. I firmly believe that a person’s actions are witnessed by the heavens. Time will change many things, and will definitely give you the answer. While Crystal’s statement generated support from netizens, some were uncertain whether she had cheated in her marriage.

They asked directly, “Did you have a tryst or not? Prove it with evidence and it’ll be more persuasive.”

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