Crystal Huang hits back at hubby: This time she has medical reports to prove she's abused

19 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

With Crystal Huang (黃奕) and Huang Yiqing’s (黃毅清) marriage heading towards divorce, the couple has been mutually slandering each other, reports Jayne Stars.

According to Crystal’s lawyer, Sun Jiafeng (孙家锋), Yiqing has been asked to delete his Weibo rants and follow up with an apology. If he refuses to do so, Crystal will officially sue him. Mr. Sun also claimed they have enough evidence to prove that Crystal was a victim of Yiqing’s domestic violence.

Crystal Suffered Real Injuries?

Crystal’s work studio earlier released a public statement via Weibo that claimed Yiqing hit his wife several times in the past. In May 2013, it was reportedly so severe that Crystal informed the police and was later rushed to the hospital for an examination. To support the claim, the studio attached close-ups of Crystal’s bare face, in which two red dents could be clearly spotted on her forehead.

Despite the photographs, many netizens questioned the true origin of the dents. One netizen suggested Crystal might have deliberately created them on her own by pressing down on her forehead after receiving hyaluronic acid injections.

In response to all the suspicion, Mr. Sun revealed they possess records of Crystal’s hospital examination results, as well as when she had filed police reports. Meanwhile, he added that the netizens’ remarks are purely hypothetical.

Huang Yiqing in More Trouble?

Yiqing’s act of installing home surveillance cameras to monitor his daughter is also legally questionable.

Mr. Sun explained it might be deemed against the law, depending on the purpose of the video contents and its public scope.

He spilled the couple does not possess much joint financial assets, and that the court will decide the custody of their daughter based on gender and age factors.

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