Crystal Huang files for divorce and claims that husband hit her

17 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Crystal Huang and Huang Yiqing’s problematic marriage is set towards divorce. The final blow hit when tabloids reported Crystal cheating on her husband with a billionaire at a secret hotel tryst in Hong Kong.

While Yiqing raged at his wife’s infidelity via Weibo, Crystal claimed her innocence and said that the truth will eventually reveal itself, report Sina and QQ.

Her official work studio later released a public statement that gave an alternate account of the couple’s long-term marriage issues, claiming that Yiqing was an unfaithful husband who had a domestic violence record.

On June 16, Crystal’s lawyers issued two letters at Yiqing, demanding that he apologize and delete his harmful Weibo posts which claimed the 34-year-old actress cheated on him multiple times. Crystal will also be filing for divorce.

Another letter was issued towards the Hong Kong media, asking them to stop publishing false news. That same afternoon, Crystal’s work studio stepped out to defend her from the allegations, claiming to reveal the truth behind her troubled marriage.

In the public statement, it was clarified that Crystal’s hotel meeting was solely for work purposes, in which she was discussing an upcoming film project.

Instead, they accused Yiqing for cheating on Crystal many times in the past and for exhibiting domestic violence at home.

According to the studio, Crystal is a “hardworking actress, a dutiful mother, and a pitiful wife” who endured the unhappy marriage and repeatedly forgave Yiqing in hopes to protect their child.

Crystal’s studio revealed he had several extramarital affairs, including when she was pregnant with their child. After a heated argument in November 2012, Yiqing reportedly directed physical rage at his wife.

The studio claimed the violence occurred once again in May 2013, and Crystal even called the police. At the hospital, she was confirmed to suffer from a concussion due to Yiqing’s beating.

Yiqing reportedly regretted his actions and wrote an apology after the hospital incident. However, the studio spilled that Crystal suffered domestic violence once more in May 2014. Since then, the couple has lived separately.

It was said that Crystal holds evidence for Yiqing’s past behavior and has handed them over to her lawyer.

The studio emphasized they initially did not wish to intervene in the couple’s family business, but could no longer withstand the unfairness of it all, since Crystal’s reputation suffered a big blow as a result.

Yiqing claims that Crystal’s statement was full of lies. He claims that he had installed a monitoring system at home, to ensure the safety of their daughter, which has video evidence to prove the truth.

“Let’s see who is the one lying. There is only one truth. I will fight until the end!” Yiqing also threatened to spill the evidence in light of Crystal’s domestic violence claims.

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