Crayon Pop girls provide heartwarming service for 300 fans

15 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

The quirky and cute girls of Crayon Pop are known for their upclose and personal promotions, and they provided a very interactive and heartwarming fan service on Dec 11.

According to a report on kpop insider, Crayon Pop gave free hugs to 300 fans at the Yongsan I’Park Mall.

The members said, "We had this free hug event in the hopes that warmly hugging the fans who always make an effort for us would allow us to give one another more strength; we wanted to sincerely thank the fans for supporting us, giving us lots of love, and showing interest throughout the year."

The Crayon Pop's' agency Chrome Entertainment added, "The Crayon Pop members most enjoy the time they spend personally interacting with their fans... Even in the future, the Crayon Pop will continue their fan service as they always look for personal time with their fans."

The event proceed as planed despite the cold weather, and many dedicated fans showed up early and waited.  Some members of the fan club came prepared in Crayon Pop's trademark helmet and training outfits.

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