Coffee Lam scandal: Video filmed outside toilet shows what happened

21 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

TVB starlet Coffee Lam was recently embroiled in a scandal after paparazzi allegedly caught her behaving indecently with a man in a public handicapped toilet for 30 minutes.

They also recorded a video from outside the toilet, in which the couple's conversation and moaning sounds could be heard from inside the cubicle.  The video was subsequently posted on

Coffee and her friend were also filmed exiting the toilet, much to Coffee's horror -- leading her to exclaim, 'Oh shxt!" She then tried to leave the place while covering her face.

When asked on who the man was later, Coffee unconvincingly claimed that it was her boyfriend even though she had earlier said she was just gathering to talk with a friend.

The scandal has created an uproar online ever since news of the incident broke. However, many netizens felt that it was merely a staged act for publicity.

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